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December 20, 2016

Why Subscribers Are Unresponsive and What to Do

Author | Brittany McCusker


Why subscribers are unresponsive and what to do. You may have silent recipients because your mail is being delivered to the junk folder, the recipient changed their address, they weren’t fully engaged in the first place, their preferences have changed, the content didn’t fit their needs, your email writing skills are off their game, they weren’t expecting the frequency of your sending, they saw your email as impersonal, your sales cycle was too long for them, they were unable to update their address, etc. An email consultant will be able to help you identify what could be going wrong and help you get on the right track to solving the root email problem.

All audience members are different, therefore each subscriber will become inactive for different reasons.


why subscribers are unresponsive

Luckily there are ways to solve these issues. If your mail is getting sent to spam, look into different spam traps and how to avoid them.  You can also change your content if some recipients are not responding to it. Look back over your content plan with an email consultant and make sure the writing’s what users are looking for while setting clear expectations on what they will receive.

If your recipients are going silent because of how often they’re receiving your email, create a page where subscribers can change their email preferences and frequency. Your unsubscribe page can be used as a landing page to spark engagement again. If you feel your emails sound robotic, start re-writing them as if you are talking to a close friend. Your language will automatically come out more natural.

Find out why your recipients are going inactive. Getting to know your audience is key. Once you have solved the underlying reason, you will be able to create a game-plan on how to approach your audience in a new and creative way. Sometimes it takes extra help. Email consultants are here to guide you through.


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