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February 6, 2017

What is Email Deliverability?

Author | Andrew Curtin


  1. What is Email Deliverability
  2. What Factors Influence Email Deliverability
  3. Easy ways to increase Deliverability
  4. Dedicated Vs. Shared IP
  5. Conclusion

At this stage in your marketing career, you’re probably familiar with terms such as click-through- rate, open rate, and bounce rate. Unfortunately, we often see that many small to medium companies end their email marketing analysis here. While these metrics are valuable they do not provide a complete picture of your email marketing efforts.

What if I asked you “What is your reputation with Gmail, Yahoo, or Baracuda? Would you know where to look, or what to look for? Are your emails going into the spam folder or the updates tab?

This is when we enter the realm of Email Deliverability and understanding the importance of email deliverability for modern marketers.

What is Email Deliverability?

Email Deliverability is the rate at which emails arrive in the inbox. This can be confused with ’email delivery’, meaning your email was successfully sent without bouncing. Thus, Email Deliverability is one of the most important metric’s since all other metrics depend upon it. For example, customers can’t open your email if they can’t find it.

Then you may ask, “How do I know if my emails are going into the spam folder?”

You’re not alone in asking this question! As email spam filters and ISPs beef up their delivery algorithms marketers are beginning to understand the importance of Email Deliverability. The days of more volume equating to more money are long gone. Let me repeat that: LONG GONE!

More Emails does not equal more money

Accordingly, when we speak to marketers we find that these old email marketing metrics are so thoroughly entrenched that the real epiphany happens when they realize their open rate stinks because their deliverability stinks.

What Factors Impact my Email Deliverability?

We go into much more detail about these in other post so if you are interested please check those out.

What are some easy ways to increase email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is centered on a core philosophy of putting the users first. IF you take this approach and embrace it over time you will see your deliverability begin to increase.

  • Send emails people want, rather than emails you want.
  • Maintain basic list practices such as double-opt- in, removing unengaged users, and making it easy to unsubscribe.
  • Remove spammy phrases, words, and links to low reputation websites.
  • Sneaky list acquisition will not go unpunished, so think twice before buying that list!
  • Periodically clean your list using services like Webbula to remove bad emails.

Dedicated Vs. Shared IP

While you are focusing on following all these best practices it is very important to know if you are on a shared or dedicated IP. This information is crucial in formulating your deliverability strategy so make sure to find out. Being on a shared IP could be killing your delivery! Find out more here our Dedicated vs. Shared IP guide.


Email Deliverability is the most important metric when gauging successful email marketing campaigns and infrastructure; therefore, it does not matter how many emails you send if they have horrible deliverability.