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Oh, the dreaded naughty list! No one wants to be on that list around this time of year; and in the world of email, as we all know, is the BLACKLIST! The good news is, there are ways to prevent from being placed on the blacklist and there are ways to be whitelisted again once you’ve been blacklisted.

This is the busiest time of the year for a lot of people, especially for B2C senders. Email volume is skyrocketing, businesses need to reach their quota, and senders are trying to expand their consumer base. The question is: Are you following the same best practices during this time of the year as you did in the prior months? If not, then your chance of being blacklisted will increase.

How You End Up On The Blacklist

  • Sending to users who are no longer engaged, as they are more likely to report you as spam (or be a spam trap!)
  • Not having the proper ‘unsubscribe’ option for your recipients
  • Buying or renting 3rd party lists or scraping lists from public websites



How You Can Prevent From Getting Blacklisted

  • Use a ramping up strategy. (i.e., IP and domain warming)
  • List hygiene- keep lists of users that are actively engaged and remove users that are no longer engaged or no longer have active email addresses. This will also prevent bounces
  • Enabling opt-in for users to receive your emails
  • Enabling CAPTCHA
  • Using real-time list validation
  • Ensuring that your ‘unsubscribe’ button is easily accessible to your users
  • Following the requirements for best practices regarding your lists and evaluating your content as a sender



How To Get Whitelisted Once You’ve Been Blacklisted

Only a user or an ESP who considers your email to be spam, based off of various factors, can blacklist you. There are a few ways to try to reverse this.

  • Try to reach out to your users in other ways to try to reconnect with them
  • Evaluate what you’re sending out and determine if you are using best practices

Think You’ve Been Blacklisted? 

If you think you’ve been blacklisted, there are sites that will tell you which IPs and domains have been blacklisted. Check out – to determine if you have been blacklisted.