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October 21, 2016

Get to Know Your Target Audience in Email Marketing

Author | Zack Aab

When it comes to marketing, identifying and understanding your target audience is incredibly important.  Most business owners can provide at least a vague description of their target market, but to achieve truly great marketing results you need specifics.  You need to know your target marketing inside and out.  Armed with this information, your marketing efforts will clearly speak to your target audience, and yield better results.


Get to know your target audience by asking yourself a few simple questions…

What problem does my company’s product or service solve?

Who are my current customers?

Who is my competition?

Why would customers choose us over our competitors?

What features do we offer that no one else does?

What do we do better than anyone else?


Dig Deeper

Beyond the questions above, you can do additional research to learn more about your target audience.  Search for competitors via Google, use Google Analytics, or use social media to learn more about who you are trying to reach.

Creating Content

As you create content, you want to make sure that you create content that your audience will truly find helpful.  Let’s face it.  Readers are busy and they are not going to spend time reading through your email if they don’t believe it is going to be useful to them.  One of the big mistakes marketers make is to talk about themselves, rather than what their audience really cares about.

On a Final Note  

Use the methods above to clearly identify and get specific about who your target audience is and then with that audience in mind, tailor your marketing to speak directly to them.

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