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August 26, 2015

Are Responsive Emails Good For Business?

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Over the last several years we have continued to see an increase in mobile email use. Four years ago, less than 10% of email opens were mobile. Now fast forward to today- mobile email usage accounts for more than 50%. The majority of mobile email opens are on iPhone, Androids, and ipads.

Because you are fighting for the attention and time of your email recipient, it only makes sense that your emails are easily viewable. If your email doesn’t look good or is too difficult to read, people will delete it. And that is where responsive email design comes into play- every email you send needs to look perfect, regardless of device.

So What Is Responsive Email?

A “responsive” email means that it provides optimal design across devices. It “responds” to the particular device being used to view the email. When viewing on mobile, a well-designed responsive email ensures the user doesn’t have to pinch and zoom. They can easily view the email’s content.

Example of Responsive Design

responsive email

How Do I Design Responsive Emails?

The great news about responsive email design is that depending upon your particular email marketing service provider, you likely have responsive email templates already at your disposal. These pre-designed responsive email templates, simply require you to provide the content. The responsive design is guaranteed to look wonderful on a variety of devices.


With marketing, you must always consider the consumer experience. Permission and content remain the key requirements for any email strategy, however if you want to make sure your content is read and not simply dismissed focus on capturing attention with a well-designed, responsive email.

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