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Increased Deliverability Starts with Good Email Hygiene




We partnered with our friends over at Webbula: The Data Quality Experts to get a shared perspective on Email Deliverability & how it relates to your Email Hygiene in our latest whitepaper.


Email Hygiene was created from the industry reliance of Verification, which is a solution to solve deliverability issues. It is a type of service that identifies valid or invalid email addresses, typos, and greylisting. Verification simply “verifies” that the email addresses on your list are connected to an active inbox. With an active inbox, you stand a better chance of reaching that destination when sending your emails.


With verification tools in place you partake in good list hygiene. By doing so, you are filtering out the spam traps that may be hindering you from reaching the recipients inbox that contributes to poor deliverability. Remember that delivered is not the same as deliverability. While one is making it to the mailbox provider, the goal is to make it into the actual recipient’s inbox. We cover all the steps necessary and best practices when it comes to your list hygiene and how by making just few simple tweaks you can start to see your deliverability rate soar!


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What is Covered in the Whitepaper?


✓ What is Email Deliverability?
✓ What is causing Poor Email Deliverability?
✓ What is the Importance of A Clean Email List?
✓ Email Best Practices
✓ What kinds of problems does Email Hygiene Solve, and how does it help  Deliverability?
✓ Defining your Target Audience
✓ Email Optimization from a Deliverability Perspective