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November 30, 2015

How to Craft Compelling Email Content

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With a successfully delivered email, there are really three results you can expect: deleted, read, or read and action taken. Every business strives for the latter of those results. You not only want your email to be read, but you want the reader to take action- make the purchase, visit your store, sign up, etc. Here are five ways to improve your email copywriting and write compelling content.

Be Clear on Your Desired Outcome
Before you write anything, think first about your desired result. What are you hoping to accomplish with this email? Keeping that in mind, be sure that everything from the subject line to the content to the final call-to-action leads your recipient in the direction you desire.

Be Friendly and Personable
Make sure the overall tone of your email is friendly and very personable. Your email will quickly stand out if you avoid the same, dry sales pitch approach as your competitors. If possible, personalize your email or even tailor and send to a particular segmented portion of your email list.

Align Your Subject Line Copy and Email Copy
What your email subject line promises, the email message should deliver. Because when readers don’t get what they’re actually promised in the subject line, click-through rates will plummet — and in the long term, so will your email open rates.

Talk About Benefits, Not Features
You know the value of your email, but does your recipient? Not yet! And it’s your job to explain it. Your email needs to explain the benefit of your offer to the reader. How will your offer benefit them?

Use Actionable Language
That’s right, emails have calls-to-action, too! Well, the good ones do. Beginning with the subject line, use language that makes it clear to the recipient what they can do with the information in the email should they choose to open it. Within the content of your email, the call-to-action should be extremely easy to identify. Remember, people scan their emails, and if there’s one thing you want your recipient to pick up on, it’s your call-to-action.

Remember, these tips can be applied regardless of your writing expertise. So the next time you send out marketing emails, keep these copywriting components in mind.

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