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December 21, 2016

How to Get Email Delivered to Gmail | How Gmail Filters

Author | Ashley Dern

How to Get Email Delivered to Gmail | How Gmail Filters


How to get email delivered to Gmail depends on how Gmail filters its mail. Do an email deliverability test while sending out an email and see how many are being delivered to Gmail. This is the first step. I’m sure you’re wondering what Gmail looks for when processing inbox placement, right? One is it’s double opt-in/confirmed opt-in history. This is when someone signs up for emails and then has to verify that their information is correct. Therefore it’s a great idea to have an “add to address book” section or any confirming CTA that a recipient will click on in the first email. This button helps you pass spam filters a lot faster because it is similar to a personal whitelist for the user.

Gmail focuses heavily on recipient engagement. Therefore keeping list hygiene is important. If you are sending to old lists, your engagement will be lowered and Gmail will count that against you and your email deliverability test will show it. Avoid URL shorteners, such as bitly. However, there are URL shorteners that esps provide which are fine to use.

Use a list-unsubscribe link in the header. Gmail also looks for DKIM authentication and is leading the charge for DMARC with Microsoft.  Gmail has a postmaster tools website where you can view the reputation of your IPs and Domains.

What Gmail Looks for

  • Double opt-in or confirmed opt-in
  • Recipient engagement: click-throughs, starring messages, moving emails into folders
  • List hygiene
  • Avoid URL shorteners
  • Use a list-unsubscribe header
  • DKIM and DMARC authentication
  • Use sub-domains
  • Their classifier (spam filter) checks the WHOIS for domain registration.  If it’s hidden, it knocks your trust level way down.