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June 21, 2016

Five Easy Tips to Give Your Email Content a Boost

Author | Inbox Pros


Let’s face it, coming up with content can sometimes be hard.

When it comes to email marketing, the objective is simple: create content that inspires people to do something.

To help you better connect and inspire your readers, we have five easy tips to help give your email content a boost.

Five Easy Tips to Give Your Email Content a Boost

Five Easy Tips to Give Your Email Content a Boost

Brainstorm for Content Inspiration

The biggest challenge for business owners is often times simply coming up with ideas in the first place. You can begin by gathering staff and having a brainstorming session. Have people share their thoughts for newsletter/ email marketing topics. By going outside of your marketing department, you may find new, fresh ideas and give your email content a boost.

Look for Inspiration

If you’re a small business owner, don’t fret. Just because you don’t have a marketing department or staff to gather, doesn’t mean you too, can’t come up with new ideas. Look to other businesses for content inspiration. Some sources for content inspiration could be: newsletters, social media, newspapers, and magazines. Be sure to write down all of your ideas in a notebook!

Less is More

With the right design and images, your email doesn’t need a ton of text. A promotional email, for example, may only need the sale details. Your email can contain very little text, but still clearly drive home the point.

Focus on the Reader

As we’ve discussed before, make sure your email is about your customers’ wants and needs. You can take this one step further in your writing. When writing, rather than saying “We offer….” switch things up by using the word “you”. For example, say “You can…”, and by doing so through your writing you are showing the customer that they are your focus.

Write with a Single Goal

Focus your writing efforts on one single goal. Unless you’re writing a newsletter, the rule of thumb is one topic per email. Don’t try to cram too many topics into an email. Keep it simple!