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November 2, 2016

Final Prep for Holiday Email Marketing

Author | Ashley Dern



As we step into November, hopefully, you have already been planning and prepping for your Holiday email marketing campaigns.  If not, it is not too late to use November as a time to prep your contact list.  Before you send out your fantastic Holiday emails, now is a great time to make sure that email addresses are up-to-date and your subscribers are waiting on pins and needles for your campaign to launch.  Here are a few simple tips help you prepare your contacts before your campaigns launch:


Get Your Data in Order

Know your data and your customers. Make sure you understand the transactional and online behavior of your customers, as well as any “off-line” data, such as a physical mailing address.


Email Verification

Identify spam traps or invalid email addresses that could hamper your efforts.


Email Preferences

Ask your subscribers to update their email preferences.  Understand how and how often they would prefer to be contacted.



Ask your subscribers to complete a survey about your email program and take into consideration the input they provide. How can you improve?


Promote Loyalty

Promote your loyalty program before the busy shopping season begins.



Launch a reactivation campaign to identify previously unengaged customers that may be responsive during the holidays.


By doing a bit of prep work prior to launching your Holiday email campaigns, you will gain insights on how to send more targeted, compelling emails to your subscribers.  Get started prepping and enhance your email marketing over the 2016 Holiday Season.

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