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Fellow of Information Privacy Recipient

Fellow of Information Privacy Recipient. In 2016, the world’s largest information privacy organization, The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), launched a new credential:  the Fellow of Information Privacy.  The Fellow of Information Privacy credential allows leaders in the privacy field to demonstrate their experience and knowledge.


Fellow of Information Privacy RecipientWe are proud to announce that Chris Arrendale, of Inbox Pros, was recently inducted into the inaugural class of FIP recipients. FIP inductees are recognized as having an advanced level of knowledge and experience as a privacy pro.  Chris has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of privacy laws and gained significant experience as he has both navigated and stayed up to date with the complexities of the privacy field.


IAPP Certification Director Doug Forman was quoted recently on the FIP program and said, “The FIP program is a way for people to celebrate a milestone in their careers. They’ve gotten deep enough into privacy to understand the law and the management of privacy programs and have enough experience to talk knowledgably in their organizations as privacy leaders.”


Congratulations Chris on your recognition as an esteemed leader in the privacy field.

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