Deliverability FAQ:

Will a high bounce rate affect my email reputation?
In a short answer, yes. Bounce rates affect your reputation on your IP address. If you’re bounce rates are too high, the ISP may think you are trying to spam them and block your domain or IP address. There is no “magic number” that can get you blocked/bulked. List management is crucial and marketers should scrub lists regularly to remove the hard and soft bounces.

Why did my message get blocked? It’s the exact same message I sent last week and it wasn’t blocked then.
There are many reasons why this could have occurred:

  • Did you send to a new list that you haven’t sent to before?
  • Did you receive a lot of abuse complaints/hit a lot of spam traps?
  • Has the reputation on the IP address gone down?

ISPs can and will change their filters thousands of times a day. A word/phrase that was accepted 2 hours ago, may be blocked now. Test your content before sending to your live lists.

Will my deliverability change if I change my from domain?
There is a high likelihood that you could have deliverability issues if you change your from domain. Here are some reasons:

  • Your new from domain is not set up with the proper authentication – SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  • Your subscribers have already whitelisted your from domain with their internal filtering systems. If so, your email may go to the bulk folder.
  • Your subscribers may not recognize you and they may be more likely to click the abuse button.


What are some steps I can take to reduce the number of abuse complaints I receive?
There are many ways to reduce the number of abuse complaints:

  • Only send to those recipients that signed up. Never purchase lists!
  • Don’t send to those recipients who have asked to be removed from your list.
  • Don’t send to old lists. These recipients may not remember signing up and complain.
  • Send relevant content to your subscribers.
  • Personalize your content with subject lines.
  • Add an opt-out link to the top of your email. This will allow those users who may not know where the opt-out link is to find out and opt-out versus complain.


Should I separate types of email campaigns on to their own IP/domain?
Yes, it’s a good idea to separate promotional and transactional IPs and domains.