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Email Marketing Class: Deliverability 201

Ready to impress your boss? Learn advanced email deliverability skills through this email marketing certification.

Why Choose Inbox Pros?

Inbox Pros is an award-winning email deliverability consulting firm that has gained 100% inbox delivery rates (even from Gmail) for clients mid-enterprise level. Check out our client Rolling Stone Magazine’s success story >> Our mission is to educate marketers on cutting-edge email deliverability and marketing best practices with unforgettable professional customer service. In our eyes, you are top priority.

Course Type

Virtual or In-Person
(Lunch included -In-person only)


April 13, 2017 -1 day (6hr)

Who Should Attend?

The course is a great fit for anyone in the email marketing field. If you and/or your company sends marketing emails, this class is for you. Those interested in how email deliverability works, how to send better emails, and how to grow your business with email should attend. We will be covering both technical and non-technical pieces of email deliverability, but you don’t need to be technical to take this class.

Course Overview

Inbox Pros’ Deliverability 101 Training class is a hands-on one-day learning experience. This class will cover the basic fundamentals of email deliverability, as well as answer email marketing related questions. This class will also have individual and team exercises to provide “real world” deliverability training. At the end of the class, each participant will be required to answer a 20-question exam to achieve the class certificate.

  • Each class begins at 10 AM and will run until 4 PM
  • Lunch will be provided if you are taking this class in Atlanta.
  • Participants are required to be fully engaged in all class activities in order to qualify for the course certificate.
  • If you need to change from the Atlanta to Virtual option, you will not be refunded the difference.
  • If you need to cancel (within 72 hours), you will receive credit for an upcoming class

What topics are covered?

  • Key Terms: Deliverability, IP, Domain, dedicated IP, Shared IP, whitelisting, bounces & more.
  • What Happens After You Hit Send
  • Complaints
  • Blacklists
  • Spam Traps
  • Content best practices
  • Email Headers
  • Email Filters (B2C and B2B)
  • ISP Tools and Dashboards
  • Authentication
  • List reccommendations
  • Gmail best practices
  • Reputation Tools
  • Email Compliance Laws

Who will be teaching this course?

Ashley Dern

Deliverability Strategist

Inbox Pros

Ashley Dern joins Inbox Pros as a deliverability strategist with several years experience in client relations, account management, and marketing. She has worked with multiple clients to produce successful print and digital campaigns from strategy to execution. Building detailed deliverability reports, Ashley works with each member of the Inbox Pros team to enhance client’s knowledge on today’s technology and email deliverability. Her number 1 goal is to provide excellent client service and ensure that emails land in the inbox!

If you have any questions about this class or our instructor, please feel free to contact us via phone at (678) 214-3739 or email
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