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In the marketing world there are various agencies specializing in various types of marketing. From email marketing to digital marketing to social media marketing, we all have one goal: to generate new leads, have a high conversion rate and gain customers that are truly interested in what we have to say. Once we have conversion and gain new clientele, we want to keep a good re poor with them. If we falter on providing them relevant content, sending them too many emails or spam like emails, or do not give them multiple options to opt in or opt-out of our emails, we’re not only hurting our company reputation, but our email’s reputation, too.

email reputation

Did you know that how people respond to receiving your emails can affect your sender reputation? For instance, if a recipient gets an email in their inbox from you and they repeatedly delete it without reading it, that throws a red flag to the ESP. If they mark an email as spam or if your emails contain “spammy” content (incorrect image/text ratio, spam verbage in your subject lines, etc.), that  can be an opportunity for an ESP to look at which domains and IP you’re sending from and can potentially be blacklisted. If that happens, then your emails are no longer reaching your contacts on your lists.

I say that to say this, there is a big difference between an email being delivered and email deliverability. How do you know if you’re IP or domain has been blacklisted? Do you know why people aren’t getting your emails, why they aren’t reading your email or why they choose to unsubscribe? Better yet, when this happens, do you actually know what impact this has had on your reputation? Do you know if you’re using the proper email authentication (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) and if they are all passing? There is so much more than just composing an email and hitting the send button.

If you’re not sure about your email deliverability, we offer a deliverability scorecard package to help you get an understanding of where your level of deliverability stands and what can be done to improve it. One of our top deliverability strategists will dive in and investigate any issues that may be preventing successful deliverability and provide a formatted detailed report on the following areas with suggestions and recommendations:

  • IP and Domain Reputation Checks
  • IP and Domain Blacklist Checks
  • Authentication Checks (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • Missing or broken links in your content
  • ALT tags
  • Return-Path and Domain review
  • Valid MX
  • ALL within a formal report that includes details and recommendations.

*Cost: $500 for this one-time diagnostic                              Get My ScoreCard

This report is ideal for those that are interested in uncovering big issues involved with deliverability and understanding why deliverability has become a problem. Mention that you’d like to get started with your ScoreCard.  Let us help.