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October 29, 2015

Email Deliverability Checklist

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There’s only one way your email marketing can be opened — and that’s if it’s actually received by subscribers. So we have put together an email deliverability checklist to help you maximize email deliverability.

Send Welcome Emails
Make a great first impression with customers and new email subscribers, by sending a welcome email. Using this first interaction as a starting block for brand recognition in their inbox is a great way to build a list of active subscribers who will look forward to your emails.

Begin a Reactivation Campaign
For anyone who last clicked or opened an email from you more than six months ago, send a new permission message so they can reconfirm that they’d like to be on your list. Eliminate all addresses that are unresponsive.

Clean Up Your Email List
Clean your email list at regular intervals for best results. Send out engagement mails to the recipients – remove the non-respondents – now you will have a list that is populated by interested people who are willing to engage with you. Targeting these respondents with your offers will help drive growth.

Minimize Spam Complaints
Nothing tanks an IP reputation faster than spam complaints. It’s a no-brainer — but good reminder — that you should only email individuals who have opted in to your campaigns.

Ramp Up Email Volume Cautiously
Sudden volume fluctuations are red flags for many ISPs. Start by sending out small batches of emails that you know are valid addresses to build trust in your IP with your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Use Personalization and Relevant Content
Standing out in inboxes and making sure your content is relevant once your subscribers read it is paramount. And remember, subscribers who feel overwhelmed by irrelevant offers could be quick to flag your messages.

Monitor Your Results
If you run into an issue with deliverability, you’ll want to resolve it as swiftly as possible to help your emails reach the inbox. Furthermore, by reviewing your email activity, you can better optimize your future sends.

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