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Class Description

Inbox Pros’ Deliverability 101 and Deliverability 201 are both three-hour seminar-based training courses. Both classes are offered virtually every month. At the end of each course, you will have a 20 question exam. This exam tests your knowledge of what you’ve learned from the course. Pass both exams and gain your Deliverability Certification! After the exam, and as time permits, there will be a short Q&A.

Deliverability 101: covers basic email deliverability concepts.

Deliverability 201: covers advanced email deliverability concepts.


Who Should Attend?

Deliverability 101 and Deliverability 201 are both a great fit for anyone in the email marketing field. If your company sends marketing emails, come join us! We are covering both technical and non-technical email deliverability concepts. You do not need to be technical to take the classes.

Deliverability 101: Are you curious about what deliverability is and how it works? What about ISP best practices and what Gmail looks for? Or wondering how to send better emails to grow your business? If you answered “yes”, then this class is for you.

Deliverability 201: Are you interested in how DMARC works? What about understanding spam filtering definitions or international ISP best practices? Are you looking to grow your business with email? Then you should attend this class.


Class Agenda

In Deliverability 101 and Deliverability 201 you receive tools that you and your team can use to improve deliverability. You will walk away from these courses with many action items to take back and improve your email marketing program.

Deliverability 101 covers the fundamentals of email deliverability.  Agenda includes (but not limited to):

Key Terms
What Happens After You Hit Send
Spam Traps
Email Headers
Email Filters (B2C and B2B)
ISP Tools and Dashboards
Reputation Tools
Email Compliance Laws

Deliverability 201 covers intermediate to advanced concepts of email deliverability.  Agenda includes (but not limited to):

DMARC Reporting
Advanced Rate Limits and Connection Settings
MTA Configuration Files
Spam Filter Definitions
Spam Filter Rules and Details
Understanding Feedback Loop Details
Advanced Deliverability Signals
International ISP Specifics

Please feel free to contact Inbox Pros at (678) 214-3739 or email

*You will receive the Email Deliverability Certification Pin upon completion of both 101 and 201 deliverability courses and exam.