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February 19, 2016

7 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing and Deliverability in 2017

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As you look to improve your email marketing and deliverability in 2017, take a quick look at your 2016 efforts, plan ahead, give your email a makeover, personalize, have proper list hygiene, optimize for mobile, and last but not least, review the big picture.

Take a Look Back
It’s already May! Where did Q1 go? Review your 2016 email campaign reports now, to determine how effective your past efforts were. What worked? What didn’t? What subject lines got the most open rates? Determine how to develop a high open rate subject line, as it tailors to your audience and what you know about them. What types of content received the most clicks? By reviewing these metrics, you will be able to clearly identify a strategy and set goals for 2017, without being behind.

Plan ahead
Having a good content plan, is a must for any and all types of marketing. Having a detailed email content and automation plan in place will help you not only be consistent with your communications but you’ll have less work to do along the line. Tie your content in with national holidays and industry events. Most importantly, if you send to a large list or a small list it is paramount to keep up-to-date on spam phrases that send your email into the spam folder. Be ahead of the game with spam filters. Here is a link to 30 Spam Filter Words and Phrases to Avoid in 2017

Give Your Email a Makeover
If you’ve been using the same email template for years, there’s no time like the present to give your email marketing a bit of a makeover. If you are a B2B company, know that marketers want to skim! Therefore, don’t overcrowd your email with unnecessary content than it’s even going to be given a second look anyway. It could be as simple as updating your font; or designing a completely new template from scratch? You can match your email colors and appearance to be similar to your website and definitely include beautiful, high-quality and low resolution photos. Having them be low resolution will help with your mobile optimization and load time. Nothing worse than having your lead pull up your email but not being able to see the picture you put in there. Email on Acid is a great place to see how your email will look on all different devices and platforms. Your subscribers will appreciate the brand new look.

Personalization is the way of the future. If you are not A/B testing your emails, you’re behind. User experience is becoming more and more prominent in the marketing world. It’s no longer as simple as using personal tokens for a recipients first name. Get creative! Emails should always make your recipient feel like your business cares about THEM! In today’s digital world, personalization is paramount to successful email marketing campaigns. Have you build buyer persona’s for your company? Are you targeting your emails based on the pages they have viewed on your website? The more personal you can get, the better. Marketers need to ask customers how, what and why they want businesses to send them emails, in addition to the types of content they want to receive.

Email Segmentation
Segmentation is the key to increasing email marketing metrics and conversion rates for marketing campaigns—and to boosting prospect engagement. With email volumes on the rise and the serious potential for emails to be lost or buried, you can improve your marketing effectiveness by targeting your campaigns to appropriate segments, rather than blasting the same campaign out to all your prospects. Having an unhygienic list and receiving to many soft bounces and hard bounces will also hurt your email deliverability, lowering your sending reputation. Once you have a bad sending reputation, it’s easy to get blacklisted, so stay on top of your list and clean regularly!

Optimize for Mobile
Did you know in 2017 Google plans to create an algorithm that ranks mobile optimized websites higher than non optimized sites? If your email design is not optimized to display properly on mobile devices, you risk alienating a huge chunk of your audience. More than half of emails are opened on mobile devices: i.e. smartphones and tablets and that ratio is only going to grow in 2017.

Review, Review, and Review Some More
Schedule time on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to review your email marketing to determine what’s working, what’s not, and check on how you are progressing against your goals for the year. By reviewing and making adjustments, your email marketing results will continue to improve.

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