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June 29, 2015

7 Types of Email Subject Lines with High Open Rates

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If you are like most people, you get a ton of email delivered to your inbox each and every day. From coupons to newsletters to personal emails, it is quite a lot to sift through, never mind actually open and read.

So what makes you want to take that extra step to actually open an email? Often, it’s the subject line. After all, it’s your very first impression of the email — and from it, you’ll do your best to judge the content on the inside.

So as a business or a marketer who sends emails on behalf of your company, it is important to make sure your email subject lines are top-notch. Let’s look at a few great examples of email subject lines…

“How” is a powerful word when it comes to email subject lines. It’s a guarantee that your email will be informative. Add a benefit to the words “how to” and you have a winner.

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Posing a question to a user in an email subject line will improve your open rates. Questions create a dialogue that can make your emails feel friendly and conversational.

Want To Lose Weight For Summer?

No one likes to be left behind. If you regularly have promotions, encourage readers to buy quickly. Subject lines that include “Limited Time Offer” or “Last Chance” have higher open rates.

Only 5 More Days to Save 50%

People want to spend time reading emails that will benefit them in some way. Know your customer and learn what they want. Emphasize their benefit over the features of your product or service.

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Go further than simply adding your reader’s name to the subject line. Target your emails to specific customers. Location-specific email subjects have particularly high open rates.

Susan, Here’s the 3 Best Lunch Deals in Atlanta

Readers love lists because lists comprise convenient summaries. Note that the blog you are currently reading is a list.

7 Types of Email Subject Lines with Higher Open Rates

If you have an announcement, use the opportunity to reach out to your customers. Keep the subject line simple and focused on the news you’re sharing.

Big News! We’re Launching Our New Product in 3 Days

Next time you send emails, keep these types of email subject lines in mind. And remember for best results, vary your email subject lines, keep them brief, and pay attention to what works!

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