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July 27, 2015

5 Components of an Irresistibly Click-Worthy Email

Author | Inbox Pros

email1After email deliverability, the next test to pass is to create a click-worthy email that your recipient actually reads. So let’s focus on a few components to consider the next time you send an email campaign…

Go with a Familiar “from” Name
The first thing people tend to see when browsing their unread email is the sender’s name, so make sure the name is one that will be recognized. Most brands use the name of the organization, however if you are looking to add a more personal touch you could add the name of an employee coupled with the name of your organization.  Regardless of what you do, simply focus on making sure your recipient knows exactly who the email is coming from.

Write an Effective Subject Line
There is not a one size fits all when it comes to subject lines. Your subject line needs to speak directly to the wants and needs of YOUR customers. Next time you write a subject line, focus on keeping it brief, capturing interest, and building trust. And as a final rule of thumb ask yourself, “Would I open this email?” Is it sufficiently compelling to stand out in your inbox and generate a click? If not, keep working on it.

Optimize Pre-Header Text
It doesn’t matter if it’s Gmail or an iPhone mail app, the very first line of your message can be read in the preview pane. This 50 word description may not seem very important, but when your email subject line is less than perfect, this is another great way to tease your content and encourage readers to open your email. To get recipients hooked, make sure the first line of your message appealing enough to make them open that email to read the entire message.

Design for Mobile
Almost 50% of people read their email from a mobile device, so it only makes sense that your email be designed to engage mobile readers. Don’t worry- what works for mobile will also work on a large screen too! Make sure your email looks good on mobile or you’ll be missing out on a big opportunity.

Test and Test Again
Most email marketing providers, such as Aweber, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp allow you to A/B split test for your email campaigns. In other words, you can send out two emails with different subject lines and see which one was opened more. You can also test other factors to see if you receive higher open rates, such as time of day, what type of email message was it, and what call-to-action resulted in more opens?

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