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May 30, 2015

3 Tips for Writing Great Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Open Rates

Author | Inbox Pros

Today, email overload is a reality and grabbing someone’s attention with a well-crafted subject line is more important than ever. In an effort to filter through irrelevant messages, most people spend just a few seconds glancing through subject lines to determine which emails to open.

The importance of subject lines becomes clear when you consider that the subject line of your email may be your first and only shot at connecting with a customer or business contact. Here are a few tips for writing great subject lines that will help increase your open rates.

Keep it Brief
Your subject line needs to quickly grab the recipient’s attention. You want to be very specific and descriptive in just a few short words. In 2015, studies show more people than ever are viewing email via a mobile device. With this trend, it’s increasingly important to keep subject lines short and sweet because mobile devices display fewer characters of a subject line their webmail and desktop counterparts. Because mobile email apps like the iPhone’s generally display around 35 characters of a subject line in the inbox view, writing subject lines in the 20 to 40 character range tends to be more effective.

Capture Interest
Subject lines need to be interesting, unique, and communicate the promise of value. Your subject line should capture the recipient’s attention and incentivize them to learn more by opening the email.

Build Trust
There is nothing worse than opening an email with a catchy subject line, only to realize you have been tricked and that the email content is not consistent with the subject line topic. Trustworthiness is essential for marketing success, so always make sure that your email subject is relevant to the email content. In order to preserve credibility with your audience, it is also important that you review your subject line to determine that it is free of spelling or grammatical errors.

Keep these tips in mind as you write your next subject lines. Focus on keeping it brief, capturing interest, and building trust. And as a final rule of thumb ask yourself, “Would I open this email?” Is it sufficiently compelling to stand out in your inbox and generate a click? If not, keep working on it.

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