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July 19, 2016

3 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email List

Author | Inbox Pros

3 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email List

Here are 3 simple tips to grow your email list. Would you like more email subscribers? While typically we discuss topics such as email content and email deliverability, today we are going to shift our focus and talk about a few simple ways you can increase your email subscribers. After all, you have great content to share and it only makes sense that you try to reach as many people as possible.

Prominent Opt-in Form

Be sure to place your opt-in form in a highly visible location, or in multiple locations, on your website. Traditionally, an opt-in form on the home page of your website works well and if you have a blog page on your website, then an opt-in form should be added there too. From a design standpoint, make sure your opt-in form stands out and is attractive to visitors.

Provide a Compelling Reason

Speaking of attractive to visitors, the “What’s in it for me?” should be crystal clear. If visitors can see the value proposition of signing up for your email, they will be much more likely to subscribe.

There are a few ways to do this…

You could offer an extra incentive for signing up, such as a free report or access to a special article. The more enticing and valuable your offer is the better.

Make sure your blog posts are always filled with awesome, helpful content. If you provide great content on a consistent basis, visitors are much more likely to subscribe.

Incorporate Social

Be sure to incorporate calls-to-action in your social media and look to gain subscribers from your social media efforts. For example, if your business uses YouTube videos as a form of marketing, at the end of the videos tell viewers where to go to subscribe to your newsletter or list. You can even incorporate links to your opt-in forms. Focus on incorporating sign-ups into all of your content marketing and social media strategies.

And finally, just remember it all starts with content. If you provide great content and combine it with visible opt-in forms and a crystal clear call-to-action, you will see your email list grow!

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